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Come See What's Cooking

Hello and welcome to Hollywood Kitchen where I try to make the recipes of stars from Hollywood's Golden Age. I will be joined my fellow historians, authors and film lovers whenever possible. 

I had originally envisioned this project as part cooking demo and part film history talk show combined with a vintage dinner party. Obviously the pandemic changed my plans, but I decided to forge ahead by doing it over zoom. I greatly appreciate everyone who has commented and watched these episodes. 

In this photo I am standing in front of the house that served as Joan Crawford's residence in the classic "Mildred Pierce".  This was shot by award winning photographer Diana Lundin. The real estate agent who was recently selling this house said that his girlfriend was a huge classic film fan and he allowed up to proceed with the photoshoot! 

Here's my official bio in case you are curious:

Born a heterochromatic baby (put down the medical reference book - it means she's got two different colored eyes) with the last name "Bible" on Halloween night, Karie was destined to be nothing if not unique. Her passion for history led to her work at Hollywood Forever Cemetery where she has been serving as the official tour guide since 2002. You can read more and book at tour at

Karie has lectured at The Old Town Music Hall, The Queen Mary, The Homestead Museum and is also a "Lady in Black" to honor silent film star Rudolph Valentino.

She has appeared in the segments for Turner Classic Movies, PBS, CNN, History Channel and Travel Channel. Her book credits include "Location Filming in Los Angeles" with historians Marc Wanamaker and Harry Medved and "Hollywood Celebrates the Holidays" with Mary Mallory.

A vintage lifestyle devotee, she lives in a 1920s apartment and collects clothing from the 1920s to the 1950s. 

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