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Wallace Reid's Divinity Salad

Let's cool off in this hot summer with matinee idol Wallace Reid.

Wallace Reid was born into a theatrical family and rose to film stardom in the 1910s and 1920s. He co-starred opposite Gloria Swanson in The Affairs of Anatol and made several automobile thrill pictures including Excuse My Dust, The Roaring Road and Across the Continent. Reid married actress Dorothy Davenport. Unfortunately he was badly injured in a train crash while making the 1919 film Valley of the Giants. The studio dispatched a doctor to give him morphine and his addiction ensued. Tragically, Reid was trying to seek help when he died at age 31 years old in January 1923. His widow Dorothy Davenport made a film about the evils of addiction called Human Wreckage and she was billed as "Mrs. Wallace Reid". Sadly, it is a lost film.

We shot this episode before a live audience at the Hollywood Heritage Museum. Wallace Reid worked in this building a century ago! If you are in the Los Angeles area, please drop by and visit this local treasure.


This recipe is from Motion Picture Magazine for the November 1916 issue.


Lettuce leaf

White sliced grapes

Shelled nuts

Cut up grapefruit

Whipped cream

Maraschino cherry


Combine ingredients and serve on a plate atop lettuce leaf.

Special Guest

Angie Schneider is a board member of the Hollywood Heritage Museum and collects movie memorabilia. She blogs at “Tinsel and Stars" and is currently writing a cookbook on the recipes of Pickfair.


Final Result

We tried this recipe in two different ways and Angie said that combining all of the ingredients into a fruit whip was the most accurate way to make it! This recipe was simple to make and a perfect snack or dessert for a hot summer day.

Male stars were also profiled in movie magazines cooking, reading and doing things around the house.

Sadly there aren't many Wallace Reid films available. You can find Carmen, The Affairs of Anatol and The Roaring Road on DVD or Youtube.

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Thank you for watching and stay tuned for more food, fun and film history.


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