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Ann Dvorak's Waffles

I celebrated the one year anniversary of Hollywood Kitchen videos with a return to Ann Dvorak.

Ann Dvorak was an actress whose career spanned 1929 - 1952. She is best remembered for her work in the pre-code era in the films "Scarface" and "Three on a Match".

This episode also marks the first time I've attempted a breakfast themed episode. I found this Ann Dvorak Waffle recipe in a 1933 edition of "Broadway and Hollywood" magazine.


Ann offered up four waffle recipes in the article below. We decided to try the plain waffles and the sour milk waffles.

Special Guest

My special guest for this episode was film historian, biographer and Hollywood Kitchen regular Christina Rice. She is the head of the photo archive at the Los Angeles Public Library and author of the book "Ann Dvorak: Hollywood's Forgotten Rebel" and "Mean...Moody...Magnificent!: Jane Russell and the Marketing of a Hollywood Legend".

The Final Product

Christina's daughter Gable really disliked the plain waffle and even spit it up off camera. She was fine with the buttermilk waffle though. Christina and I both thought they pretty much tasted the same.

I hope you will consider reading Christina's book on Ann Dvorak and by all means check out her films! They can be seen often on TCM and many of them are available on DVD.


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