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Carmen Miranda's Creme de Abacate – Sweet Avocado Cream

In this episode, I learned all about the life, career and heritage of Carmen Miranda from film blogger Beth Ann Gallagher.

The Recipe

While researching Carmen Miranda, Beth found a recipe for "Creme de Abacate – Sweet Avocado Cream" attributed to her in the May 1944 issue of Modern Screen Magazine. The issue included a mail in coupon for a Modern Hostess / Modern Screen pamphlet with several of Miranda's recipes.


2 Chilled ripe medium avocados

1/2 cup of milk or almond milk

3 Tbsp of Sugar (adjust to taste)

Juice of 1/2 half lemon or lime (adjust to taste)

Lime zest for garnish


Run the avocado through the food processor (or blender) adding, milk, sugar and lime juice till you get the desired consistency of a heavy cream.

Adjust taste and texture by adding either more milk, or sugar and lime juice.

Pour into individual dishes and garnish with lime zest. It should be thick like a pudding.

Special Guest

Beth Ann Gallagher founded film and television blog Spellbound with Beth Ann in 2008. Featured productions and creatives often come from the silent and classic film eras, but not entirely. In 2020, Beth Ann expanded her coverage to include contemporary film and television. Beth Ann is a lifelong film fanatic and TV viewer. Growing up an only child in wintry New England might have made her more susceptible to their lure. Through blogging, she explores her fascination and respect for these modern art forms. Fittingly she lives with her husband and cat Stella in a former silent movie theatre. They found this rare gem of a home in California’s Sacramento River Delta in 2016. They promptly moved into the perfect environment to get inspired and write away!

Beth Ann co-hosts the annual Luso World Cinema Blogathon to celebrate the descendants of the Lusosphere (Portuguese speaking world) and their films.

The Final Product

This recipe can be very much customized to suit your taste. I put in far less sugar, as I didn't want it to be too sweet. It tastes like a thick lime pudding. Beth Ann says that many Americans associate avocados with savory foods, but in other countries it is used for sweet desserts. I could eat this for dessert, but I could also envision it as a side dish alongside chicken, rice or pita chips.

Either way, I think Carmen Miranda would applaud the effort.


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