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Dolores Del Rio's Enchiladas

We celebrated the life, career and food of this trailblazing actress!

Dolores Del Rio was a pioneering actress in both Hollywood and Mexico. In 1925 she entered films and was billed as the female version of Rudolph Valentino. She successfully transitioned from silents to sound films. Notable Hollywood films include "Bird of Paradise" with Joel McCrea, "Flying Down to Rio"(which marked the first teaming of Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers) and the Orson Welles film "Journey into Fear". In the early 40s she left Hollywood and returned to Mexico where she was one of the major talents in the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema. Major films during this time include "María Candelaria", "Bugambilia" and "La malquerida". Del Rio worked in theatre and television was well and made her final film in 1978.

The Recipe

My guests Peter Fuller and Jenny Hammerton recently published the new cookbook "Supper with the Stars with your host Vincent Price". I have a copy and this book is really something special! It has color photos, drawings and flawless design. I wish I had ordered one copy to read and a separate one to inevitably get covered in butter, grease and dough!

Special Guests

Jenny Hammerton is a film archivist in London and has been blogging and cooking movie star recipes for over 15 years at She has written multiple cookbooks including "Supper with the Stars", "Murder, She Wrote" Cookbook, "Columbo Cookbook" and "Cooking with Joan Crawford".

Peter Fuller

Australian-born Peter Fuller is a London-based award-winning print, radio and television journalist and film historian with over 30 years of experience. He is also a renowned authority on the life and career of Hollywood icon Vincent Price, winning several Rondo awards for his active promotion of the actor's legacy through publications, websites and special events. Peter curates The Vincent Price Legacy UK Facebook page and manages the official Vincent Price YouTube channel. In partnership with Vincent's daughter, Victoria Price, he also guides bespoke tour groups worldwide to celebrate Vincent's passion for travel, culture and the visual arts. His latest project is the Supper with the Stars cookbook which he has co-authored with Silver Screen Suppers' Jenny Hammerton.

Hazel Gassel was born in El Salvador and grew up watching Dolores del Rio in classic Mexican films. She also loves cooking and eating Mexican food.

Alia Phibes is a professional illustrator and artist who runs She has had several solo art shows and is known for her slick, retro themed images. A huge Vincent Price fan, she legally changed her middle to "Vulnavia" and last name to "Phibes" after the characters in the 1971 Vincent Price classic "The Abominable Dr. Phibes". She also designed the art deco graphics for the Hollywood Kitchen website.

The Final Result

I opted to use butter instead of lard and I skipped on the frying part. Given the size of my kitchen and the sensitivity of my smoke alarm, frying has not ended well for me in the past.

I would suggest adding shredded chicken, beef or grilled vegetables to the enchiladas. During my test cooking session the Mexican Creamed Corn got badly burned. This time adding the cheese at the end stopped that from happening. I disobeyed Vincent's orders and put foil and a lid over the skillet instead of a tea towel. I hope he doesn't throw me in a vat of wax. Overall, these recipes turned out well. I'm also happy to hear that Peter and Jenny plan to release a paperback version of this cookbook.

Hazel garnished her enchiladas with sour cream, sliced avocado and salsa. It looks fantastic!

My friend Angie gifted me with a Vincent Price Funko Pop, so I decided that Vincent needed to watch over my culinary efforts!

Also a huge thank you to collage artist Cherie Savoie Tintary who made the fantastic graphics. I love that Vincent is wearing a suit made of corn.

Seek out Dolores Del Rio Movies

I encourage everyone to watch "The Bronze Screen: 100 Year of the Latino Image in Hollywood". You can find it on Amazon Prime.


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