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Joan Crawford's Fruit Appetizer

Joan's grandson Casey LaLonde joined me to talk about Joan's entertaining skills.

The Recipe

Given the hot summer season, we decided that Joan's Fruit Appetizer would be nice and refreshing. The recipe is from the book "Cooking with Joan Crawford" by Jenny Hammerton of Silver Screen Suppers. It was also in a 1935 issue of Photoplay Magazine as part of a story about how Joan entertains.

Special Guest

Casey LaLonde is Joan Crawford's grandson and has dedicated his life to restoring his grandmother's reputation as a person and classic Hollywood icon. Through The Joan Crawford Home Movie Collection and republishing his grandmother's long out-of-print autobiographies A Portrait of Joan and My Way of Life, Casey brings a new level of understanding of Joan Crawford's life and career to fans around the world.

The Final Product

This was easy to make and perfect for the dog days of summer!

Thank you again to Casey LaLonde and I look forward to doing a LIVE episode with him when he visits Los Angeles again.

Since it is summer, here's a photo of Joan while on vacation in Honolulu, Hawaii circa 1949.


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