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Judy Garland's Vegetable Salad

We are celebrating Judy Garland's centennial with Garland expert and author John Fricke!

Judy Garland was born in Grand Rapids, Minnesota on June 10, 1922. Her parents were vaudeville performers and Judy soon followed in the family tradition. After spending her childhood on stage, she signed with M-G-M at the age of 13. She made a string of successful films there including "The Wizard of Oz", "Meet Me in St. Louis", "The Harvey Girls" and "Easter Parade". Garland made 32 films overall and earned Academy Award nominations for her roles in "A Star is Born" and "Judgement at Nuremberg". After1950 she primarily focused on the concert stage and is still regarded today as the greatest all around entertainer in show business history.

The Recipe

The Judy Garland recipe is from the book "What Actors Eat When They Eat" (1937).

It is pretty hot already in Los Angeles and I'm trying to avoid using my stove, but here are some other Judy Garland recipes that I found:

This recipe for "Kiss Pie" is attributed to Judy in the 1938 cookbook "Famous Stars Favorite Foods". I am a bit confused, as it seems like it is only meringue on top of a crust with no filling! Hmmmmmm......

I found the post below about Judy Garland's recipe for Shepherds Pie on the Twitter page of Gary Horrocks.

Special Guest

John Fricke is regarded as the preeminent Judy Garland and WIZARD OF OZ historian. He has written three books about Judy, two about MGM’s OZ motion picture, and three about the entire Oz phenomenon; he is also the recipient of two Emmy Awards as co-producer of Garland television documentaries.You can read his full bio here.

The Final Result

The salad turned out well. I made a scaled down version and basically eyeballed the portions on the dressing. This is light, easy to make and would be great for the summer season!

Most of Judy Garland's films are on DVD and "The Clock", "For Me and My Gal" and "Ziegfeld Girl" are coming out on Blu-ray to celebrate her centennial. She will also be the "Star of the Month" on Turner Classic Movies for June 2022.

Here's a fantastic pieces of collage artwork by Cherie Savoie Tintary.


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